This new facility offer a specialized area for wet & dry process as well as a finishing area with a capacity projection of 550,000 units per week with a workforce of 3,300 new employees. Some of the services that we offer are Hand sand, Sand Blast, Spray, Resin, Pigments, Destructions & Special Treatments.

Having this presence in different countries of the continent, Grupo Denim continues our commitment to provide quality services to all our client´s needs; offering a global service able to fill the different market demands.


Our Laundry´s production area has a vast equipment Installation in an Area of 12,954.19 mts.2. 50 laundries, 21 warmers, 48 steam press, 2 ovens for special process, 12 Sand Blast cabins, 6 Resin cabins, 6 potassium cabins, 60 models for hand sand, 30 emery units, 150 dremels, Etc.


Wet Processes: Pre Wash - Rinse - Raw Wash - Dark Stone - Enzyme Wash - Stone Wash - Medium Stone Wash - Double Stone Wash - Antiques - Vintage Aged Wash - Light Stone - Bleach Stone - Hyper Wash - Acid Wash - Tinting - Dyeing & Overdyes - Pigment Dyes - Tarnish Wash - Storm Denim Technology by Cotton Inc.

Dry Process: Brushed-Spots-Ball Wraping-Creases-Crinkles-Wrinkles-Grinding-Destructed-Sandblasting-Hand Sanding-Spraying-Pigments-Resin-Permanent Press-Ring Stones

Wash Development

The Development Wash Center was created with the purpose of meeting the demands of our customer´s needs regarding research and development of fit & wash in denim. We are equipped with the tools and handwork experience that are required to be at the forefront of denim trends.


The Lab is a very important department of our development center. We perform physical tests to all fabrics. These tests include tear & tensile, as well as fabric weight, PH, shrinkage, skew, tapering, HL´s. These tests are necessary in order to have the best quality control of all new developments & production.

Customer Care Policy

We aim to satisfy our customer’s requirements by ensuring the highest levels of quality and service in all that we do.

Product Development

A dedicated product development team coordinated with our USA Marketing team continues to advance with the industry for the latest trends both in construction & laundry finishes.

Around the World

Having a solid presence in different countries, Grupo Denim reinforce the commitment to provide quality products to all our client´s needs; offering a global service able to fill world wide market demands.   More

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